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Reality in ‘Treasure Planet’: Dilbert

You know… I’ve always identified with the movie Treasure Planet because of Jim. His home life was far from stellar, his father ignored him, and no one understood him or even TRIED to understand him. He seemed like the rebel when really… he just wanted someone to care about what HE wanted and about HIS feelings. So I know many love Jim and I’m not downplaying him with this post in ANY way, I promise.

But… I watch this scene and I can’t help but feel for Dilbert. He’s a VERY successful astronomer, a genius! He’s the smartest person he knows until he meets a captain with an attitude, but he’s still proud of himself. 

He carries his doctorate and his knowledge with pride until he’s smacked into one of the worst situations of the real world: someone dear to him is dying. No one else has knowledge that might even come CLOSE to saving her life; the life of a woman he doesn’t yet realize he loves, hangs by a thread all on him. 

It all just hits him: he’s useless.

All those awards, all those titles, being called a ‘doctor’… they mean nothing when put to the test. He can brag all he wants, he can show off in civilized society, but when it really counts… It means nothing.

I’m not saying he’s a bad person, it’s just that we’re all like this in a way. We’re all praised about our talents and take pride in them. Society boosts our esteems up so great, but then we meet a situation that takes REAL skill, REAL knowledge, and we are totally unprepared. 

Dilbert has just realized that all of those years of studying may have gotten him his job, his home, and his money… but it may lose the person he cares for most.

He realizes just how useless the title ‘Doctor’ is.

We think that all the rude awakenings we’re going to receive in our lives happen in childhood till college… that is until they happen in adulthood and it’s so scary because you aren’t prepared. You expected it to all be over, but it won’t ever be.

Even though it all turns out ok, it breaks my heart when I think about what must be going through his head at this scene… 

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